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I'm Rennie Kingsley, and I'm an illustrator and an award-winning comic artist. I draw a comic called The Weave, check it out!

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I am glad I'm not the only one who forgets their age


same friend


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queen of life


aw yeaaaaaaaaaaaah

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Since I can see 'em on that cattepic, what do you think of Harry Potter as a series?



is complicated

like ok on a nostalgia level i love harry potter and a lot of things about the series

but man it’s super fucked up and bad

like the roles of women in the story and abuse and overweight people

also wizards are stupid

the wizard in charge of dealing ith human beings for the entire nation doesnt understnd the most basic ways in which life work

he doesnt understand plugs

theyre just so ridiculously incompetant and terrible i dont understand why they arent all extinct

also theyre super super racist

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What do you think about Minecraft, Rennie?


uhhhh not a lot! i tried to play it once and couldnt really figure it out. I like sandbox, building games but its too fiddly for me

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psiidmon replied to your post: jesus fucking christ i am so tired thank fuck im…
how’s everything progressing? :o

they changed the megabus stop for my bus ahead of schedule so even though i ran i still fucking missed it

so i had to go back to port authority and throw another $80 down for a second bus ticket on greyhound

its a v. comfortable bus and the internet works really well and i managed to get to sit alone but goddamn i am totally exhausted and sore and i hate buses a lot right now

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If you were a beat-em-up hero you'd be renshin-di-go-go baby



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If you were a time traveller you'd be a whendigo


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finished my first set of commissions for the Rendifund! These were really fun. A BIG thank you to everyone who’s commissioned, donated or reblogged. Your support means the world to me. 

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it’s SO SWEET and awesome, it makes me want to skip forward through time just to see the new awesome art each month.

aaaaaaaaaaaa im really glad ;w;

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Did you put the bop in the bop shu-wop shuwop?



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your first tag got cut off!!!


well it was just me gushing about how perfect this week was and how lucky i am to have helia and shit im tearing up again

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Sabrina the Teenaged Witch? Not sure since that cat looks a lot better than the Salem puppet.

its from this

but i also love salem

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psiidmon replied to your post: that karkat is still getting notes im kinda sad…
we talked about it in a verbal skype chat yesterday actually! the question came up of ‘do all krampine have tails’

no they dont! its a trait that;s usually found in ladies and is somewhat rare and found highly attractive—for dudes its a little weird—fawn spots that last into the adult hood are the same but a little more common

karkat has both

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psiidmon replied to your post: favourite Big Name Nintendo game; best/worst nude moment; why (sorry for the multiple questions, tumblr’s ask limit is annoying)
oh my god that’s really awful i’m sorry hun :(

its alright, im kind of used to that sort of thing? i have only really ever dated one person who was actually engaged in the relationship before and i fucked it up irreparably. Most girls ive dated have had no actual interest in me or have been completely unnatracted to me, like she was. It’s not really a big deal, it’s just how things are. I’m not the kind of girl who has real romances or anything like that, and that’s 0k.

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psiidmon replied to your post: who did you lose?
anons please don’t be nosy nobody is to blame, things happen sometimes. :|

nah it was all me

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